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Step 7 — Social Plugins

Having the social media Vine, Tumblr, Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Q&A sites, LinkedIn and Reddit accounts linking to your website will boost your search engine ranking (SEO). However, simply linking to your site from them means nothing without some activity on each account. Prove your expertise by posting blogs and answering questions on sites like Wikianswers and Yahoo Answers. Tweet or post funny images — anything that people would pay attention to. People generally hate spam, but like comedy.

Like button, Tweet and other social Plugins can come from your accounts only. Copy and paste the HTML or Javascript to an Email and we'll put them on your site. Optionally, we can setup the accounts for you and thus get the codes. This helps for about 10% of SEO too. When your website is set up to integrate with your social media, and you make your business useful to all users, the better your search engine ranking will be.