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Step 5 — Web Address

It's a wise and marketable thing to match your domain name, or web address, to your business. For example, Jacob's Professional Tree and Shrub Care bought to make it as short as possible, but saying the name of the business. If a scalper hears the name of your business, and you don't have a domain name, he or she will buy it for $12 and sell it to you for a ridiculous amount of money. Don't tell anyone until it's yours. You can tell us though, we're honest. We'll register it for you and host the website.

Many domain names you might have in mind are taken already. It's wise to not do a domain name search until you're ready to purchase because the company doing the searching could steal it and try to sell it to you for a fortune. Pick about 10 name choices and submit them in a contact email.

Though a .com is most popular, you can also go with .uk, .fr, .biz, .net, .info, .org, etc. A .info is for an informational site only. A .biz is for businesses. .gov is restricted to government. .org is strictly for non-profit organizations. .com means anything commercial.

If you're starting a new website with us, it would save lots of time and expense to wait on registering the domain name until we start developing the website. If we have to transfer the name servers and authorization to another host, it can take 7 to 10 business days. Setting up the domain name and hosting at the same time goes smoothly with no time-loss with dealing with server companies who refuse to answer the phone or are difficult in some other way.