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Step 3 — Colors

Colors, structure and images create the mood of a website. They can also match your business card. You can be specific about your colors. You could tell us about them in hexidecimal form or email them in a JPG file or scanned business card. You can choose the color scheme of another website if you want, simply mention it in the initial contact.

Pictures on your website are affected by your site colors, so choose accordingly. A contrasting background emphasizes the image. If you have dark pictures, a lighter background will make them look darker. If you have light pictures, a lighter background will match, neutralizing the mood. Contrast and pictures will create an emotion in the user. If you can't decide, a light mood is a way to play it safe. We're artists too, so we can choose something for you.

Email the colors: you can choose the colors you want on your site in a paint program, save the file with the colors as a JPG, and we'll work with them.

Optimism — Clarity — Warmth
Friendly — Cheerful — Confidence
Excitement — youthful — bold
Creative — imaginative — wise
Trust — dependable — strength
Peaceful — Growth — Health
Balance — Calm
Creepy — negative connotion — unsettling — enforces images — self-focused

Go easy on your colors, psychographics isn't an exact science because it's relative to the observer, and there are many observers on the Internet. Color theory isn't set in stone. The aesthetics of your site is more important than the variety of colors. Don't overwhelm the user. For example, see Jacob's Professional Tree and Shrub Care. Another mood can be of a painted surface, such as Henry B, Muralist's website. They use mostly green, not for peace, growth and calm, but for the color of tree leaves and their matching colors. You cannot make a person feel anything, so focus on the aesthetics rather than trying to create a mood.

Examples of taking psychographics too far is seen too much on the Internet. There are many companies who want to engender a balanced and calm mood, so they choose a white background and very light gray lettering. They assume everyone has 20/20 vision and can read that. Proper contrast can make it so everyone who can see adequately can read your site.