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FAQ > What questions need to be answered before submitting a project?

What questions need to be answered before submitting a project?

  1. Are you willing to take action (commit money and time) to solve the problem?
  2. Can your solution compete with your competition?
  3. Can you establish honest business relationships?
  4. Will this solution be profitable?
  5. What is the deadline, if any? Note that a longer work-time yields a more refined and effective design.
  6. Do you prepare the About, Services, etc. paragraphs?
  7. What's the budget?
  8. Do you have a company, and if so, what's your business history?
  9. Do you want mobile design as well?
  10. What Kind of Business Does Your Company Run?
  11. Can you provide an example of strategic brainstorming?
  12. What color scheme do you want?
  13. What is Your Typical Customer Like? We have to know who you're presenting to.
  14. What's your target audience?
  15. How do you differ from your competitors?
  16. How Often Would You Like Us to Update You With Progress? We can send you monthly summaries.
  17. How Do you envision the finished project?
  18. Tell me what the site will function for, how customers will use it, and how the customers will stay engaged with the website.
  19. Do you want to enable full search engine optimization?