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FAQ > SEO — Will subscribing to a genuine IP make and improvement?

SEO — Will subscribing to a genuine IP make and improvement?

No. Google cares only that your website is easy to read, has content and keywords specific to your niche, no duplicate content or any other black hat techniques, whether or not you're an authority in your field (see Why is that company #1 on Google?), etc. They don't care about your IP address. Your domain name identifies your website, not so much your IP.

But wait...

In a very weak theory, if your website shares the same IP address a spammy or pornographic site does, it may hurt your SEO, right? The programmers at Google are smart enough to know that some companies abuse the system, but they're not going to take other sites down with them. That's why many Web Hosts frown upon spammy or pornographic content on the sites they host. If you migrate to a genuine IP, you might run into the same issue of being shared with a spammy or pornographic website. The very nature of the Internet is to share resources on all HTTP Servers with content on every website in existence, and all Search Engine companies know this. Google and others aren't going to scrutinize you for the actions of other people.