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About Spacial Graphics

Our office doesn't exist yet, but we can meet at the Bethlehem Area Public Library, 11 W Church St, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

Services — We offer a range of development services as you can see in our Portfolio of Services.

Human relations (not automated) are paramount to the function of our company.

Honesty and anti-cheating policy — We don't partake in anything that would get you banned from Google. We don't write a program to repeatedly ping your site in order to invent traffic. We don't rent out SEO pages that phish your website as a part of ours in order to cheat Google into getting you a higher ranking. Because we're honest, we can't guarantee a #1 position on Google. We aren't a deceptive SEO company. We provide honest SEO design to integrate keywords into your website's coding.

We provide honest SEO. The only way to get genuine SEO is to have your website redesigned by an SEO designer, like Spacial Graphics.

This is why SEO must be integrated into a design rather than done by a third-party company as appended coding: Google ranks pages according to the clarity of design and content. We balance the two. A perfect example of design and content is Jacob's Professional Tree and Shrub Care. SEO isn't an exact science, but many times has astounding results.

Lifestyle of Virtues

Spacial Graphics is a dedicated sponsor of Lifestyle of Virtues. 100% proceeds go to them.